Gendai Reiki Network

Gendai Reiki Network (GRN), registered nonprofit organization, promotes dissemination of ethical practice/teaching of Gendai Reikiho.

GRN will offer people opportunities to know Reiki, give correct information, hold Reiki seminars/workshops/gatherings as lifelong learning items, and encourage Gendai Reiki masters having progress in Reiki skills and creative practices. The goal of GRN is to contribute to realization of harmonized society by these activities:

  1. To work for promoting health, medical treatment, and welfare.
  2. To work for promoting social education.
  3. To work for environmental safeguards.
  4. To work for the protection of human rights and peace-keeping.
  5. To work for international cooperation.
  6. To work for promoting gender equality.
  7. To work for bringing up children in balanced minds/bodies.
  8. To work for communicating/advising/supporting management/activities of organizations that promote above noticed numbered items.

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